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Blackberry Ridge Farm encompasses over three hundred acres of rolling hills, creeks, a river and flatlands. Occupying land on both sides of Delta Valley Road means literally miles of trails for training and conditioning our horses. Several cross-country fences, coops, and a schoooling field have already been built. One of our goals at Blackberry Ridge is to our facility to its full advantage to prepare our horses for the variety of questions they are likely to face off the farm at shows or other venues. In addition to our tools outside the ring we boast a twenty jump stadium course including several combinations, a triple bar, liverpool, scary roll-top and various wonderful eye-catching fences and fillers. Though we cannot expose them to everything, we can condition their response to challenges such as cows, tractors, umbrellas, etc. in their later training. One of the most important goals of Blackberry Ridge Farm is the correct and thorough starting of our youngstock through clear and correct groundwork. With safety and success in mind this is formally started in and around the barn and in the round-pen. Whatever the level of training a horse may achieve it is our hope that it will be evident it was received at Blackberry Ridge Farm.

The business of Blackberry Ridge is run out of the office connecting to the barn. Organization and hospitality are key as per design. A studio apartment above is kept open for guests such as visiting clinicians, clients in to see horses, or friends passing through.


Heating and air conditioning run in the feed room, tack room and lab to ensure quality storage and maintenance. The feed room conveniently stores all supplements and feeds. Special attention is given to satisfying the nutritional needs of horses on the farm in all stages of growth and training. The success of our feeding schedule is evident in the general health and well being of all of our horses.


Designed collaboratively by the Dobbs', the Main Barn at Blackberry Ridge has each horse's care, safety and comfort at the forefront while keeping convenience and aesthetics in mind. The barn is 'T' shaped with the main wing running east to west and the secondary wing running north to south. Large, sliding, wooden doors separate the sections when necessary. Fifteen foot aisles and Dutch doors on all stall with exterior walls invite copious light into the barn. An exhaust fans assures there is always excellent ventilation and airflow. The aesthetics are intended to evoke many characteristics of a traditional English barn in appointments and design choice. The barn is constructed of cinderblocks and painted with industrial grade paint which has perfectly sealed the block to prevent bacterial or viral harbor or growth. Block keeps the barn significantly cooler in the summer and warm in the winter working as insulation. All stalls feature rubber matting and will always he found with deep bedding and high banked walls. The barn also features two hot and cold 12'x15' wash bays with recessed heat lights. An automatic fly-spray system eliminates pests in the summer months. Lucas stall fronts outfit both sections of the main barn. Massive, sliding, wooden doors cap the east, west and south entrances of the barn. Lastly, several covered outlets and faucets make water and electricity readily accessible to all stalls. The cleanliness and condition of our stables always has been and always will be of the utmost importance at Blackberry Ridge.


The Main Wing includes four 14'x14' stalls and four 12'x12' stalls where the largest of the large are housed. The Secondary Wing houses horses that aren't quite in need of the larger stall. Half of the year there are eight 12'x12' stalls with Dutch doors opening into 24'x24' fun pens outdoors. When needed these stalls convert to 12'x24' stalls.


The Red Barn serves as Tracy and Debbie's personal barn though training horses are often stabled there as well. Again, 12'x12' stalls are standard with the option to convert to 12'x24' if needed. All stalls have either a window to the outside or a full Dutch door. High ceilings and ceiling fans keep the barn cool and well ventilated. The fly spray system makes sure the barn is pest free. The 12'x12' wash rack has hot and cold water. There is a climate controlled tack room and feed room. The western end of the barn has a beautiful porch with overhead fans, tables and chairs and shade which serves as a viewing area for the outdoor arena. Again, the rubber/stone dust footing is ideal for both dressage and jumping in this 100'x200' ring. This side of the farm offers the majority of trails, creek crossings, cross country schooling and conditioning. Across the road lay acres of flatland from which Blackberry Ridge cuts and bales their own superior quality hay. Lastly, a massive storage building on this side houses the workshop for jump building, hay, bedding and other miscellaneous equipment and implements.

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