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Rockinghorse FL
April 9, 2013

Some pics of Tully Macs Big Time IDSH from his first time going novice at Rocking Horse! So proud of our BRF baby out going and doing...and doing it well I might add!!!! CLICK on the lnik below to see them as proofs! http://davidmullinixphotography.photoreflect.com/store/ThumbPage.aspx?e=8848493&g=0BEF00IM84

October 28, 2012

On December 22nd we were caught in a snow storm while hunting! Pictured left to right is Tracy Dobbs on Shiraz,
Carrine McRae on Lass, and Debbie Dobbs on Cadbury! We were so happy and pleased with how our horses seemed unfazed by the blizzard! Not to mention we got a beautiful picture!!! (Thanks www.pelhamponies.com)
October 28, 2012
Earl Grey Covr  

Our fabulous Earl Grey graced the COVER of his first magazine!!! You can find his modelling debut on the cover of the November issue of the Mid-South Horse Review!!! Be sure to check out his beautiful shot while hunting Opening Meet for TVH!!

(picture taken by Gretchen Pelham of Pelham Ponies!! http://pelhamponies.com/


Success for Tully Macs Happy Cinders!:
October 28, 2012


Tully Macs Happy Cinders went to her first dressage show at the KHP the weekend of October 26th-28th!! She and her owner/rider, Nicole Holowina rode Intro Test B and got first place with a 66.8% and took home a 3rd place in Intro Class A! All at their FIRST show!!!! We couldn't be more proud of our BRF baby! Great job Nicole and Cinders!!! Keep up the great work!


Ringo Update:
October 11, 2012


Tully Macs Ringo Star IDSH doing great and looking great with his new owners!!! Look at those knees! So proud of all our babies out going and doing!!!!


Cinders at Inspections:
October 10, 2012

Tully Macs Happy Cinders at inspections with her owner Nicole Holowina. Her turn-out is just amazing!!! Wow!!! Thanks for sharing!

Willow & Lexi Move to AZ:
October 10, 2012

Willow and her mom Lexi St.laurent working at their new homestead in Arizona! We couldn't be happier for you guys continuing to grow together!! Thanks for the wonderful update!!!

BIG NEWS of Tully Mac's Big Time:
October 6, 2012    

Tully Mac's Big Time ("Teddy") finished his first beginner novice this weekend at Poplar Place. He was an absolute champ, very level headed and game to do anything Rider/Owner Haley Hughes asked. They ended in second and We couldn't be more proud of him!!


Tennessee Valley Hunt embraces centuries-old customs, thrills associated with fox-hunting...

An article in Mid-South Horse Review magazine about TVH Opening Hunt hosted at Blackberry Ridge Farm - Thought you would all like to see it!


Mid South Horse Review:

An article in Mid-South Horse Review magazine about TVH Opening Hunt hosted at Blackberry Ridge Farm - Thought you would all like to see it!


Covertside Magazine:

Be sure to check out the fall issue of Covertside! A Gretchen Pelham photo of the front porch at BRF was used.



Traditional Home:

Blackberry Ridge Farm featured in the November 2010 Issue of Traditonal Home Magazine "Old-World Style in a Farmhouse".


Christine Patterson Fine Art:

Christine Patterson has been long regarded as an Alternative Photographer. Traveling extensively throughout the United States and Europe, she has photographed architecture to street scenes, landscapes to intimate pathways. She resides in Knoxville, TN.

Blackberry Ridge Farm has been blessed having been introduced to such an incredible artist as Christine Patterson. She has been photographing many of our horses at Blackberry Ridge Farm and has translated them into incredible pieces of Art. You can find these incredible pieces currently being offered for sale at Gift and Gourmet & Interiors in Knoxville, Tennessee. http://www.gg-interiors.com/featuredartists.html

“I can think of few other Tennessee photographers whose genuine passion match that of Christine Patterson Winter’s single-minded devotion for capturing the essential essence of the vanishing countryside vistas and ordinary everyday treasures of the small towns of the Volunteer State. We are delighted to have Winter’s hand-tinted images grace the walls of the State Capitol in Nashville, where so many significant decisions are made daily regarding the hallowed hills and verdant landscapes of our grand and glorious state.” Lois Riggins-Ezzell, Executive Director, Tennessee State Museum


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