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While we do not begin formal training for our horses until the age of three, and even then at a measured pace, training actually begins from the moment one starts working with any individual horse. Foals learn to lead, have their feet trimmed and be wormed while still at their mother's side. As they grow on they learn to tie and cross tie, wear blankets, etc. Formal training begins in the spring of their third year and introduces clear consistent work from the ground, on the lunge, in long lines and under tack. The rider is introduced and simple aids are positively reinforced. Each horse's backing and breaking is evaluated on a case by case basis depending on the individual's physical and mental maturity. It is our experience that the Irish Draught - as well as irish sporthorses - are slow maturing. With this in mind they may be lightly started at three, turned away and started again at four to allow for skeletal and muscular development and maturity. Our past experience confirms this in the soundness of our horses at all ages and stages of training as well as their willing acceptance to work and respond.

For the continuing education of ourselves and our staff, as well as members of the local and not-so local horse communities, Blackberry Ridge Farm, will be sponsoring clinics in the coming months. As our horses excel in a variety of disciplines, this will be reflected in our clinic schedule to include dressage, jumping, and cross-country. Blackberry Ridge does not offer riding lessons from our staff, rather we offer these learning opportunities. The indoor arena further facilitates clinics, eliminating the question of weather. Please be sure to ask to be put on our mailing list to receive our clinic schedule. Also, clinicians wishing to use the facility are encouraged to contact us for further information.


Blackberry Ridge always has a talented selection of horses for sale, purebred and sport horses of all ages, ability and levels of training. It's our goal to offer horses desirable to amateurs and professionals. LINK TO SALES PAGE



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